Joined Hands: On Safety Pins

Last night I was at an event which was filled with (seemingly) more privileged than not people. A private pre-opening tour of The Serial Impulse at Gemini G.E.L. at LACMA complete with cocktail reception and validated parking (hey, at $14 a shot, that’s not nothing).

It was great.

It was very much mostly white. Very much mostly my age or older (I am bad at ages!). Far too many ridiculously skinny people (you know it takes money to eat “healthy” right and have the leisure time to “keep in shape”).

All very nice people. Each and every one I chatted with. Super nice.

Not one was wearing a pin.

In fact, since I started wearing my pin I have seen almost _nobody_ in public with one other than those in locations where they were passing them out.

Yes, I know there is a discussion as to whether the pins are mere lip service to be able to feel good about one’s self or doing substantive good or somewhere in between.

So, here are my questions….

– Are you wearing a pin

– Why or why not

– If yes, has the pin been noticed? What were the reaction(s)?

– Have you seen others with pins? If so, did you acknowledge each other in some way?

– Do you feel anybody has made contact (eye or otherwise) with you because of the pin?

As always, no right answers.

What is Joined Hands?

There are too many splinter groups, each working to their own ends and needs. Each of those needs, each of those causes, are very important.

Yet, if each of us only concentrates on one or two causes / people most important to us, we will be overwhelmed by the unleashed hatred and unfettered ability to legislate away our fundamental rights, too weak in the face of the far greater threat.

We must all work with and for each other.

We must join hands together, circle our wagons, and be strong for and with each other.


Join me?